Whatever Invisible

Tales of work


We tell stories.
Our job is to put in images your job.
Whatever it is a mechanical, a creative or an intellectual one.
We mean to show what you do so that everybody is able to see and know you.


In our experience a photographer is an analyst, it is closer to a
scientist than to a painter, we need to observe, to point
out, to understand, search and discover.

If we compose, if we need the good light, if we wait hours
before shooting, it is because we need to tell
a story, our camera is the voice, but what
really matters is the plot.


We have studied photography during the early 2000s so we have spent a lot of time in the dark room, developing film and printing our photos. Developing is a long process and because we were young students we couldn’t afford wasting films, that’s why we used to evaluate a lot of factors before shooting. This is still our trade mark.

We are a balance of empathy, curiosity, cynicism, creativity, irony, laughs, visual culture, love and hate, skills, and slow life.

Because of this we are great observers.

And eco warriors of course!